About Us

Kitchi-Kitten was designed to create SMILES.

Sometimes thoughts speak louder than words……

The name “KITCHI”was thought of & then the meaning of the name was discovered.

Meaning of the name Kitchi: 
Native American: A brave Young Man

So Kitchi-Kitten was born.

I designed them & had the Sample Product made. He is still with me & his Pet name is “TREVOR” Now Trev gets around & Travels all over the place, he has many Facebook & Instagram Fans & is known to get himself into places that generally most people don’t get to see or do 

I started with 5 different colored WINGS & have since expanded the range to 8 different colors. This stops arguments over who’s Kitchi is who’s??

People from all walks of life have fallen in love with Kitchi-Kittens for many reasons.

Please Share the Kitchi-Kittens Pictures that you have on their Facebook Page & be sure to tell your Friends about your awesome bundle of extreme cuteness.

I am happy to continue creating “SMILES” & spreading cuteness & happiness throughout.

Thanks for dropping by my on-line store & SHARE the Smiles. Cheers & Keep smiling Life is too short not too.